Create Pay Stubs Excel Easy Steps to Format

A successful small business takes care of its employees. One way to do this is to provide employees with professional custom pay stubs. These documents are needed to prove employment, track hours, and apply for a loan. It may not be cost effective for your small business to hire a payroll company to run your human resources department. No worries, you may be in luck! If you use Microsoft excel to track your bookkeeping, you can create pay stubs excel formatted.

Create Pay Stubs Excel

How convenient to already have the excel application on your computer. You can make pay stubs by using the generator and template that comes with excel. It is like being able to create pay stubs online free! Let’s walk through the simple steps for how to create pay stubs in excel. There may be a few differences depending on the version of Windows and Microsoft Office you are using.

Step One:  Open Excel

Find the Microsoft Excel icon on your computer. When you click on it, your excel program should open onto your desktop.

opening excel

Step Two:  Access Pay Stub Template

When excel opens, you will immediately see a search page for templates. Since you will be using excel to create pay stubs, you can type in something similar to blank pay stubs template. The payroll calculator with pay stub template will pop up for you to click on.

search for template

Step Three:  Input Employee Information

This template has three pages. The first page is for employee information. A chart is already designed for you to input your employee’s name, hourly wage, and tax information. The total columns will generate on their own.

employee information


three pages of template





Step Four:  Payroll Calculator

Before you can create pay stubs for employees, the excel program will calculate the gross and net pay. On the payroll calculator page you will input the hours worked, overtime, and sick leave. You will need to type in the overtime pay rate. Since you already provided the tax rates and hourly wage, this calculator will automatically use these figures.

payroll calculator

Step Five:  Create Pay Stub Using Excel

You are ready to generate many pay stubs. In fact, the excel template has already made them for you. When you open the third page in the spreadsheet template, you will see the previous blank pay stubs template are automatically filled in. Every employee that you have provided information for should have an individual pay stub. You can add your company information at the top and insert any graphic you desire before saving and printing out.

create pay stubs excel

There you have it! Five easy steps to create an excel pay stub. Since this template can be customized to completely meet your unique needs, this can be a pay stub template Canada can even use. You can create pay stubs excel will generate and they are ready to be printed on whatever type of paper you would like to use with your printer. You can even save them as a PDF file for your internal records. Professional, cost-effective, and easy!



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