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Let’s discuss how to create pay stubs online Canada accessible and cost effectively.create pay stubs online Canada

Create Pay Stubs for Employees

As a small business owner and employer, you might find that you need to generate online paystubs. Employers and employees need to keep track of hours worked, salaries earned, taxes withheld, holidays taken, and overtime earned. Perhaps, as a small business owner, you need assistance calculating the proper amount of taxes to be withheld from an employee’s paycheck.  Pay periods, hours worked, and the current hourly wage of your employees are important bits of information that will be easier to track if you create check stubs. An employee may need pay stubs in order to apply for a loan, file taxes, or prove employment.

In my current research on how to create pay stubs, it seems to me that there is not enough attention brought to the small business owner that needs to provide Canadian Pay Stubs. When pursuing an internet search for an online pay stub, you may come across several websites that offer to make pay stubs that even generate your taxes for you. However, this will not be applicable to someone that works in Canada.

Create pay stubs online Canada

Luckily, there are some Canadian pay stub generators online. I found and Canada Pay Stubs. These are online generators that create pay stubs online Canada for you to provide for your employees. These are not costly payroll services, but for a fee they can provide a template to make pay stubs and calculate the taxes and wages for you online. You will then be given a pay stub that you can print onto regular computer paper! Easy! It is important to note that the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) requires taxes specific to Canadian employees to be deducted from their wages and these should be documented on the pay stub.
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Make Pay Stubs Online Free Canada

An online pay stub generator can create a custom pay stub easily, efficiently, and cost-effectively for your business. is one example of an easily accessible website that even provides the calculations for the federal tax, the provincial tax, and the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP). The data fields for wages, hours worked, and pay periods, are easy to find and fill out. Once you have completed the pay stub information, you can preview, view pay stubs online, and even add a logo. They have it all there easy for you to create a custom pay stub.

So you like the preview and decide that these Canadian paystubs you have created are ideal. After you pay a small fee, depending on how much access you want to their templates, you can save to a PDF file and print them out to give your employees and keep for your records. If you need to replace a pay stub, some services will provide you with one through a formal request and perhaps at a small cost.

Free Printable Pay Stubs Online

You may find some templates online that are free and no need to download. You just fill in the data fields and then print straight off your computer. However, you should be aware that some of these do not provide the proper calculators for taxes and deductions. There is more room for error and you may not be able to add a logo or customize to fit your needs.


Create a Custom Pay Stub as a Canadian Business Owner

Although pay stub generators are in high demand for Canadian pay stubs, there are some economical choices out there. Create pay stubs online Canada and around the globe. Feel confident that someone has your back. You can be the successful business owner that you want to be, without the hassle of complicated computer templates and programs.


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