Create Pay Stubs Quick Books – 10 Easy Steps!

Are you a small business owner using QuickBooks to manage you accounting? You may not realize that you can, also, manage your payroll straight from your own create pay stubs quick bookscomputer. That’s right! No need to pay expensive fees to a payroll company to handle your personnel paychecks and distribution. Create pay stubs quick books can generate for you and give your employees the documents that they need. Follow these ten simple steps to learn how to create pay stubs in QuickBooks online.

Step One:  Subscribe to Intuit

Before you can use the online payroll feature in QuickBooks, you need to subscribe to the Intuit payroll service. Once you have done this, you will have access to print all the pay stubs you need for your business.

Step Two:  Employee Information

Once you have payroll set up in your QuickBooks, you will need to input all of your employees’ personnel information into the program. You will, also, need to input hourly wages or salary.

Step Three:  Choose Pay Stubs Tab

This is where you will find the quickbooks pay stub template. In the Header you will be able to locate tabs for Employees, Payroll, then Pay Stubs. Choose the Pay Stub tab. Different versions of QuickBooks may be set up may vary a bit, but you will be able to find this option easily.

Step Four:  Select the Bank Account

You may have several bank accounts set up in your QuickBooks application. You must select the bank account you wish the pay stubs or paychecks to be against.

Step Five:  Create Pay Stubs Quick Books Can Generate for a Specific Date

You already have all the personnel information loaded into the program. All you need to generate the pay stubs is to designate the dates. You must specify a date range and a date for the pay stub.

Step Six:  Specify How Many Pay Stubs You Want to Print

Choose whether you want to print all the employees stubs or a specific employee.

Step Seven:  Choose Preferences

Here is where you need to decide what company name you would like printed on your pay stubs. You can choose a global message to be printed on all of your pay stubs.

Step Eight: How Do I Print Pay Stubs in QuickBooks?

Click Print. You can use regular 8X11 white paper to print your pay stubs. If you do not set specific print preferences, QuickBooks will print in a default layout.

Step Nine: Distribute the pay stubs to your employees.

Since you relied on QuickBooks to create pay stubs, all you really have to be responsible for is giving the pay stubs to your employees!

Step Ten:  Email Option

It is easy to learn how to email pay stubs in QuickBooks online. If you choose this option, the pay stubs will be emailed to your employees directly from Quickbooks. The files will be password protected. A QuickBooks pay stub PDF saved will be available in the email for the employee to save and print for their records.


It’s that ehow to print pay stubs in quickbooks onlineasy! If you choose to use QuickBooks as your payroll management system, you can create pay stubs quick books has generated for you and emailed to your employees.



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