Flexibility of Online Pay Stub Generators

We look at the easy customization of online pay stub generators.We always hear about adaptive & flexible applications or web apps but what about online pay stub generators. What makes them great?

There are a few questions business owners ask & one of them being how is our pay stub generator flexible & adaptive.

We usually respond by conversing with our users on the particular job they are performing. What is that they are doing and what does that job entail?

In turn we are told that they just require an quick & easy way to print off pay stubs for their employees as being one point to payroll.

Focusing on the Job at hand

So let’s dig in a little to find out how we can be flexible according to the job at hand.

Brandable Pay Stubs

Many stated that their was an issue with branding their pay stubs with their brands. So we started off creating a small feature set which only included the ability to firstly create a pay stub & second to brand them via images.

Fully Customizable Online Pay Stub Generators

The second thing we commonly heard was in relation to allowing the pay stub generator to fully customize the pay stub without restrictions. So looking deeper it seemed many didn’t understand what was really happening & didn’t quite trust the calculations once they were made by some automated mechanisms.

Many owners would manually calculate the figure then input them on traditional pay stubs.

So we then jumped to allow users to fully customize their employee pay stubs using the generator providing the ability to input literally any figure or calculation desired.

Printable Pay Stubs

Finally one of the common things small to mid sized companies did was keep physical copies of their employee pay stubs regardless of the alternatives provided to keep them digital fearing that something would happen if they weren’t in a filing cabinet somewhere.

This is a legitimate concern which also solved another concern of how they were going to deliver the pay stub to their employees.

So we decided to enable a method which allowed users to use the pay stub generator to print off a printer friendly copy to allow for both internal office filing & employee delivery.

These are just a few things to begin with as we keep talking to more business owners.


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