How To Create Paystub for Small Business Canada

Create Paystub for Small Business CanadaAs an entrepreneur there are a number of responsibilities you just cant avoid. Whether it is about giving your employees fair compensation or giving them employee benefits. Different State policies mandate employers to take care of their employees in different ways. Small businesses looking to avoid accounting costs can look into creating paystubs online for free. Knowing how to create paystub for small business Canada employers are required to give their employees paystubs when completing payroll. When using an online paystub generator, employers will also need to be aware of the different Federal laws.

How To Create Paystub for Small Business Canada

The Federal labor laws require all the small and large organizations in US and Canada to maintain proper pay stubs records. So, the need to create paystubs Canada, United States, and of many other places is important. Paystubs hold great importance as these are mandatory by law and also provide detailed information about an employee’s salary.

Pay Stub Deductions

Deductions need to be listed appropriately in pay stubs. The stubs are useful if it contains the required information. Pay stubs hold a great importance as per federal laws for the organization because of the following reasons:

1. Retain Information
An organization should retain the basic information of an employee required by federal law. Some of the basic information includes things such as name, address, date of birth, social security number, occupation and gender. Organizations must create paystubs including the following information:

  • Day
  • Time
  • Beginning of The Week
  • Total Number of Hours Worked
  • Regular Rate,
  • Overtime Wages,
  • Any deduction made

2. Have Payroll Records
The laws regarding the paystubs varies from state to state depending on where you are.

According to the federal statutes most businesses need to keep records. Every business must keep the purchase and sale records that are important to evaluate the employees compensation. Union contracts should also be retained for at least for a period of three years. Small businesses can also create paystubs online for free to create the records as required.  Lastly all source documents that include time cards, work cards and schedules of the employees must be kept by the business as well for upto a few years.

3. Store Safely
Federal laws also require businesses to keep records in a safe place as the department of labor can ask to audit business owners at anytime. It is expected that a business owner will provide records upon an auditors request. It is expected that it should be provided within a couple of days.

These are just a few responsibilities owners face when they need to create paystub for small businesses Canada wide or across the states for that matter. So, if this article has helped you figure out how to create paystub for small business Canada, please let us know by leaving a comment below.


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