How to Make Pay Stubs Online! Free Easy Way to Track Payroll

How to make pay stubs onlineThere are many reasons why someone might need to create an online pay stub. Whether you are an employer, an employee, or a small business owner, it may be beneficial to have pay check stubs for your records. Employers and employees need to keep track of hours worked, salaries earned, taxes withheld, holidays taken, and overtime earned. Perhaps, as a small business owner, you need assistance calculating the proper amount of taxes to be withheld from an employee’s paycheck.  Pay periods, dates checks are issued, hours that were actually worked, and the current hourly wage of your employees are important bits of information that will be easier to track if you create check stubs documenting this specific data. An employee may need pay stubs in order to apply for a loan or to apply for their children’s financial aid for college. Although some state laws require an employer to provide paycheck stubs to their employees, federal law does not mandate it. Therefore, it may be necessary to learn how to make pay stubs online free.

Some business owners may use payroll services which allow employees to view pay stubs online, such as Rite Aid pay stubs online does for a fee. Or, an employee can create check stubs of their own using a website service that calculates everything for you, such as Pay Check City. However, sometimes these types of sites may charge extra if you need to add a logo or calculate an amount unique to your company. It can be a beneficial asset to learn how to make pay stubs for free online.

How to Make Pay Stubs Online for Free!

Free! Yes, free. It can be that easy! Here is where I will show you the steps for how to create check stubs on your own.

Access a Free Pay Stub Template      free pay stub template

Simply by using your internet search engine, you can access free printable pay stubs online or locate a website that can guide you through how to make pay stubs online with a free pay stub template.

Be sure to choose one that is free, but also contains all the necessary fields that are required to fulfill your needs. Check for features, such as, free calculators and the ability to add your own logo.

Specific information must be documented for the purpose of pay stubs. Be sure that there is a place for employee name and social security number (with only last 4 digits displayed), as well as, the employer name and address. It is important for the pay stub to include gross pay, net pay, federal and state deductions, and the year-to-date amounts for each of these. All wage amounts, hours worked, holiday pay, and overtime earned need to be listed on the pay stub.

For example: 

free printable pay stubs online

Fill in the Fields on the Template

Once you have decided on the template that fits you, it is time to fill in all the fields. Make sure to be accurate with all the information. If the website offers free calculators, still be careful to input your numbers correctly. You may be able to find the required tax deductions, by state and federal laws, to use in your calculations online without the assistance of the template website.

Print and Save Pay Stub

Now you are ready for the next step in how to make pay stubs online. As a business owner, it will help to refer back to these when calculating payroll and when filing your taxes. As an employee, you may need to attach these to an email or print again for a loan or application for financial aid. These should be saved as a PDF file on your computer. Some templates may require you to submit and save before you are able to print.  Most free printable pay stubs online can be printed on regular 8×11 inch paper. Look for specifics on the website you choose to create check stubs.

There you go! Once you start the process you will see how simple and helpful it is to learn how to create a pay stub online for free.


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