How to Use a Pay Stub Generator for Hourly Pay

There are a variety of ways employers can pay employees. One being hourly, salary & another being a set one time contracted amount.

Now when using a pay stub generator we’ll take a look at how one can use the generator to create a pay stub for employees who are employed on strictly an hourly basis with your organization.

There are a few things to note when starting. One being the hourly amount you are compensating the employee for their time & second the amount of hours they have worked.

Once these two important things have been clarified you can then move to creating the pay stub.

Key Areas of a Pay Stub Generator

The core key areas to focus on when generating a stub are earnings, deductions & total amounts near the bottom of the stub.

Earnings Area
Within the earning section it would be a good idea input the amount of hours an employee has worked officially for the business.

Next the rate column will contain the hourly rate at which the employee is working for the company.

After that the amount column will contain the multiplied value from “hourly” and “rate”.

The last column within the earning section is the Y.T.D (year to date) column which contains the GROSS total amount payed out up to date. This end of year could be a calendar date or a different date the accounting for the business ends.

These are the three main areas when using a pay stub generator for an hourly pay employee.


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