Is There a Need to Have SSN to Create Paystub?

need to have SSN to Create Paystub

One of the big questions are if is there a need to have SSN to create paystub. Federal labor laws require that organizations should have proper payroll records for the employees and the paystubs need to generate for every employee. When it comes to creating pay sheets with a pay stub, Federal laws require that you need to have SSN to create paystub for your employees. You can enter the last four digits of the SSN number so that it’s easy to understand for all.

Need to have SSN to create paystub

It just becomes a whole lot easier when you have put in SSN in the pay stubs. This is because you would know that you are working with a person who is an authorized resident in the country and has the permission to work with you. The tax authorities too can keep a tab on the person’s income.

As this is mandatory by law in US and Canada the HR department need to have SSN to create paystub, which are given to employees and should be kept for their own records as well. It is certainly helpful to the HR department in a number of ways stated below:

1. Computes net pay with no errors: The net pay of an employee is computed systematically with the help of paystubs. As the HR can make use of paystub creator, it helps the organization to calculate the wage payment appropriately with proper deductions.

2. Tax deductions: The employment taxes are broken up as employer and employee liabilities. The employer needs to withhold and pay the federal which goes for the employees as well. Employer need to pay his portion as well. The tax need to be reported to the respective agency as well. Thus, to perform all the deductions appropriately, HR department can create paystub online for free and comply with all the state regulations precisely.

3. Record keeping: The organization need to maintain the records of the employees whether is in the organization or have left it. The records need to be maintained for a certain time period and kept safely as well. The use of pay stubs is essential here because the records can be kept in proper order and for every employee all the details can be showcased in an appropriate manner in the paystubs. This also helps the employees.

4. New hires: For hiring new employees, the paystubs play a major role. The HR can submit the basic information about the employee and employer to the state agency which is mandatory. Thus, it is necessary to keep and retain the records.

5. Minimize burden: The HR department need to look after many other things apart from releasing salaries. Thus, if they create paystub creator to produce pay stubs, their burden will be minimized. It will enhance their productivity and they can responsibly perform other duties saving their time.
While there is a need to have SSN to create paystub, it is quite easy to create one with a paystub generator. So, you really have nothing to worry about.


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