Frequently Asked Questions

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The email which you had used to signup should have been emailed an access link with instructions. Check your spam folders as some email providers may see externally generated email messages as spam & may place them in these folders.

Easy, once you have logged in, goto your dashboard > click on "Get Started" & select a template you want to use. Next in the top blue action bar above the template click on "Choose Files" where it says " Footer Image".

Upload an image of your company's logo.

Now you have added your company logo to the bottom right of the paystub. You may preview the changes by clicking on Print Preview.

Easy peasy. Login to your secure Paypal account.

1 - Click "Profile" at the top of the page then click "Your Name" from the dropdown.
2 - Click "My Money" from the menu on the left of the page
3 - Scroll down to "My Preapproved Payments" section of the page then click "Manage Preapproved Payments" button.

4 - Click on "PayStubly" from the list
5 - From the "Status" section click on "Cancel"
6 - From the "Cancel Confirmation" dialog click on "Yes" to cancel the membership

The "Status" will indicate that the subscription to Paystubly has now been cancelled.

That's it! - Cancellation to our service has now been completed.
You may now go back & log out of Paypal.

For Cancellation Instructions from Paypal click here:

Easy. Login & navigate to the "My Account" page using the dropdown selector from the top right.

Next click on the "Profile Details" tab.
Under the "New Password" section enter in a new password twice to confirm & click on "Save All Changes"

The Signup process is in 3 steps.

Step 1: Initial Setup
This entails providing Full Name, Business Name & Country on the signup page.

Step 2: PayPal profile setup
This is done securely through the PayPal website.

Step 3: PayStubly account creation
This is done right after PayPal's profile is setup on PayStubly's website.
This is initiated right after PayPal's profile setup is completed as users are re-directed to the Account Creation page on PayStubly's website after 10-15 seconds automatically. OR

Typically Users may close the window here & miss the opportunity to move to the next step.

Not a problem, we've accounted for this & PayStubly also sends an email to the users inbox providing instruction on how to create the account.

Note: Please ensure to check your spam, trash or junk folders incase your email provider has automatically directed our email with instructions there. Paystubly can also be white listed so that it arrives in your inbox for the future.

Please read: How to Guide to Whitelisting Email Addresses

Have you noticed that PayPal is asking you to "agree & pay" when signing up?

This is typical of PayPal as they use the same buttons for somewhat different functions.

We at PayStubly offer our 14-Day Free Trial plan. This means our users will not be charged until the 14th day signing up to the service.

We can assure you that the "agree & pay" button only sets up the payment profile connection between our accounts however does not initiate payments up until the 14-Day Trial period ends.