Easy peasy. Login to your secure Paypal account.

1 - Click "Profile" at the top of the page then click "Your Name" from the dropdown.
2 - Click "My Money" from the menu on the left of the page
3 - Scroll down to "My Preapproved Payments" section of the page then click "Manage Preapproved Payments" button.

4 - Click on "PayStubly" from the list
5 - From the "Status" section click on "Cancel"
6 - From the "Cancel Confirmation" dialog click on "Yes" to cancel the membership

The "Status" will indicate that the subscription to Paystubly has now been cancelled.

That's it! - Cancellation to our service has now been completed.
You may now go back & log out of Paypal.

For Cancellation Instructions from Paypal click here: