The Signup process is in 3 steps.

Step 1: Initial Setup
This entails providing Full Name, Business Name & Country on the signup page.

Step 2: PayPal profile setup
This is done securely through the PayPal website.

Step 3: PayStubly account creation
This is done right after PayPal's profile is setup on PayStubly's website.
This is initiated right after PayPal's profile setup is completed as users are re-directed to the Account Creation page on PayStubly's website after 10-15 seconds automatically. OR

Typically Users may close the window here & miss the opportunity to move to the next step.

Not a problem, we've accounted for this & PayStubly also sends an email to the users inbox providing instruction on how to create the account.

Note: Please ensure to check your spam, trash or junk folders incase your email provider has automatically directed our email with instructions there. Paystubly can also be white listed so that it arrives in your inbox for the future.

Please read: How to Guide to Whitelisting Email Addresses