Our Killer 2 Step Online Pay Stub Instructions

We make it dead simple, Paystubly only comes with 2 steps in order to create your online pay stubs. That’s right in just two steps you are on your way creating flawless professional pay stubs for your employees.

Taking a Look at The 2 Steps

The 2 step process is easy to understand once you signup. We don’t overwhelm users with alot of options right away as we’re not trying to scare no one. Let’s dive in & take a look into the 2 steps.

Step 1: Select a Template

The first thing you’ll notice is that you will be forwarded over to Step 1 which is the “Select a Template” screen.

Here you are required to choose a template you wish to fill out in more detail to complete your online pay stub. The templates here can be previewed before selecting them prior to proceeding to the next step. Chose one that best fits your needs.

Step 2: Edit Template

Once you have previewed the templates & have made a choice of which template suits your needs, you can then go ahead & select a template.

Once selected, you will arrive at the Edit Template screen. This is the step where you get to edit all aspects of your online pay stub template & insert your payroll figures.

Once this is completed & you are completely satisfied with the employee’s pay stub, the last step from here is to “print preview” & print out a copy for employee records. That’s it!


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Paystubly allows businesses to create their employee paystubs simply online.


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