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A free pay stub maker has to be properly prepared in order to present it to your employees. You have to put in the name, employee ID, Social Security number, contact details in the pay stub maker. Along with it you also need to provide the total number of worked hours, vacation and leave balance and expenditure and the rates at which the employee works.

With these the paycheck stub will contain the earnings and payments received by the employee. It should record the amounts for the present period and also the total year to date figures. Another important part of free online pay stub maker is the deductions. It includes taxes, retirement planning contributions, and other taxes required by the state. We will discuss the various deductions below.

Mandatory deductions

The deductions listed under this category are required by law. An employer is bound to carry them out in the free pay stubs.

Income Tax

The income tax which an employee has to pay is guided by tax rates in Circular E and the W-4 forms of the employee. For a person who earns $ 45,282, the rate of income tax is 15%. You have to deduct from the free paystub generator income tax at 20.5% till $ 90,563. If someone earns $ 140,388, the income tax rate is 26%. Till incomes of $ 200,000, the income tax rate is 29%. Over this limit, the rate continues at 33%.

Social Security deduction

The rate of deduction in the pay stub maker for Social Security is 6.2% of the wages of the employee. The maximum restriction for the amount of wage regarding Social Security is $ 118,500. If someone is earning over this amount, then there is no need to deduct it from pay stub maker free online.

Pay stub maker free Medicare Tax

Employees who are offered high salaries have to contribute towards the Medicare tax in the free pay stub creator. For this, your employee needs to earn more than $ 200,000 in a year. Then you need to deduct 1.45% from the pay stub creator.

Deductions mandated by State

The following items should be deducted from the free pay stub creator:

  • state unemployment tax
  • city and local taxes
  • state income tax
  • disability insurance of state

The rates are different for various states. You need to check them out before you fill in the fake pay stub maker.

Voluntary cut offs

There are some deductions that you may need to make even if they are not required by law. It can be a requested by the employee to be included in the free pay stub generator. The items can include retirement planning, union dues, health and life insurance, etc.

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