A PayStub Maker & its Significance

A pay stub or pay slip is the document, informing an employee about his or her direct deposit transaction that has gone through well. At times it is simply attached to the paycheck given to them by their employer. These days there are lot of ways to generate a pay stub using a paystub maker. You can use an online paystub template, a pay stub maker free or a go for a pay stub maker software like Pay Stubly which is the best choice.

Ways to Create Paycheck Stubs

Generally entrepreneurs with a limited number of employees can always choose from the various free pay stub template that are available online with a wide range of qualities. Thus one can avail a paystub maker online without any fuss and can at the same time take a print out or even conduct the procedure online. There are companies who believe in creating their own spreadsheet that will comprise of all the essentials.

Some websites has over simplified the task of making paystub maker template; here one just has to fill in a form with the required information and the stub will be automatically generated. The introduction of pay stub maker software like Pay Stubly has lessened a great deal of time and effort of the entrepreneurs.

By the book of law the employers must deduct a substantial amount from the employees on three broad categories: Income tax, Employee contributions to Employment Insurance or EI, Employee contributions to the retirement plans and pension plans. The deducted amount will be directly remitted to the IRS. Pay Stubly is a pay stub maker which creates a paycheck stub according to the guidelines.

Do Not Throw Away The Pay Stub

In this digital age people hardly find it adequate to store up all the important paper documents, as they take up a lot of space and needs assortment. But when it comes to a worker’s pay stub, it is imperative that one keep it safe for a certain period. It contains important financial data, records of one’s gross as well as net income of the month. Once the employer provides their employees with an accurate W-2 Form, the pay stub loses its importance as this form contains a summarized version of one’s important financial data. Like tax statement, Form W-2 can account for all the money one made from 1st January to 31st December of the previous year. One must verify the accuracy of the form before disposing off their pay stubs. The financial policy differs from one government to the other. For example a Federal government requires their employers to keep the payroll records for at least three years.

The Withheld Taxes

The pay stub consists of two sub totals – gross pay and net pay. Gross pay is the amount of money made by an employee in a specific time span. Net pay is the sum for one to ‘take home’ or in other words the amount left after tax deduction and other insurance plans. The taxes emitted from the employees account shall be submitted to the government by the employer. This withholding tax is what one contributes to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) every year. There are three kinds of taxes withheld by the government: Federal income tax, Social security and Medicare.

  • Federal Income Tax can be estimated through the W-4 form along with the IRS withholding calculator. The amount that is withheld can be estimated by the help of three things: allowances claimed on W-4, marital status and the compensations (depending on the state where one is employed).
  • Social Security is essential for employees as they will guarantee a hassle free post retirement life. It can be counted as 6.2% from one’s gross payment.
  • Medicare taxes always depend on a person’s total income. For example someone who is earning $200,000, their medicare tax exempted would be 1.45% of the gross earning.

Paystub Generator With Year to Date

While generating a pay stub from a pay stub maker, be sure that there is an option stating “Year to Date”. This is a very essential entry as it documents the total amount of money earned by one. At the same time it records the amount gone for withholdings or other tax deductions. And all these are recorded till the current date when the stub is prepared. In one word this entry will keep the person updated with the accurate financial records. Pay Stubly is a paystub generator which stores all the year to date information for fast processing.

Be sure not to miss the additional items in Pay Stub Maker deductions

Each pay stub is unique in recording one’s financial accounts that may vary from one person to the next. Beside the common recordings there are options for additional items.

  • Retirement Plan – If the employee had been offered a retirement plan, then a decided sum will be automatically deducted from one’s pay. This is a brilliant way to save one’s money in the earning years. The deducted money will be contributed to the retirement plan opted by the employee.
  • Important notices – At times employers tend to add important information regarding new policies on the pay stub. This is kind of awareness for the employees of the new modifications that might affect their net payment.
  • Time Off – There are employers who add the time off one has already used up or can afford to use. This gives an accurate estimation of how much hours one can afford to take off without hampering their income status.
  • Insurance Deductions – Generally the establishments that offer their employees with insurance policies tend to deduct the insurance money from the gross income of the latter. This will provide the person with an accurate record of the amount of money deducted and the exact time of its submission.

PayStubly can help you create pay stubs within seconds online. Think of it as your personal paystub maker whenever you need it on demand. Try PayStubly for free to know just how much of help it can be to you.

Paystub Maker Online: A Helpful List and Guide

The definition of a paycheck stub is a piece of paper that is given to an employee with each paycheck, that shows the amount of money that the employee earned and the amount that was removed for taxes, insurance costs, etc. It is an important document that many may need for proof of employment, tax purposes, or financial assistance.
Individuals looking for a free pay stub template online should be aware that sometimes this is just a free trial to bring in new customers. After the trial period, you may be upgraded to their monthly subscription with your credit card.
If you want quality service, professional custom made pay stubs, and auto generated calculations, this article offers three examples of online pay stub makers. These websites offer pay stub templates that you may be able to download or print, and you can usually add your business logo to the pay stub. They usually have various price options to fit your budget and pay stub needs. They are not all exactly the same, but they all offer auto generators. These will calculate the tax deductions and hourly wages for you. Just be sure that you input the information correctly.
Here are the three online paystub makers that are mentioned in the article:
• Paystubly.com - Three different price plans depending on the number of templates you would like to utilize.
• StubGenerator.com - This service charges only per pay stub that they generate for you. It can be downloaded onto your computer for filing purposes.
• Checkstubmaker.com – Provides you with a paycheck stub online, but allows you to download the software for a one time purchase. This allows you limitless pay stubs and for your employees to view their information with confidentiality.
These are just a few of the quality online pay stub makers.

Pay Stub Maker Software – Helping Make Your Business Efficient

This article describes what a pay stub maker software is and how some of the features can be an asset to your business. Pay stubs are very important documents that are given to employees with each paycheck or direct deposit they receive. This document is a record of hours worked and pay received. It states all the taxes and other deductions that have been removed from your pay, as well.
Some small businesses do not have the resources to hire a company to provide full payroll services for their employees. An alternative to this is to purchase pay stub maker software. This can either be a computer program kit to download onto your business computer, or it can be a service provided by an online company.
This service or use of pay stub maker software comes in various degrees of customization. It can be as simple as just a pay stub template, to a program that offers you tax forms and prints out checks for your employees. This article lists a few of the useful features you may look for to help your business run more efficiently.
Pay Stubs- If you want professional custom made pay stubs, the pay stub maker software offers templates that you may be able to download or print.
Auto Generator- This feature allows the program to perform the calculations for you.
Custom Templates- With some services and software you are offered many options to customize your pay stubs. For instance, you can add your own logo.
Payroll management- You may be able to find a service or use a software program that handles everything from tax forms to printing out the paychecks.
Using a pay stub maker that meets the needs of you and your employees with help your business grow and succeed beyond expectations.

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