Why Create an Online Check Stub Creator

We’ve been asked several times why we had chosen to create an online check stub creator as oppose to a desktop application.

Well yes it’s true that many of the desktop applications out there target a very different type of business. Businesses which are quite large actually at the enterprise level.

But we wanted to target those businesses that are doing alot more interesting things who are at a small to mid sized level who do their own payroll manually.

Yes that’s You (Points at You)

We understand how the internet is changing this space & how the internet provides a great way to reach businesses we couldn’t if we went the old boxed software route.

It also provides us to provide great customer service if required at any time as we would all be connected simply securely & easily.

We also considered the fact of automatic upgrades without burdening the users to worry about it. By being online we have the ability to push out new releases instantly & retrieve feedback as quickly.

Finally by our check stub creator being an early mover to the internet we can provide for a richer experience without friction to all users.

These are just a few reasons why we chose to go with an online check stub creator as oppose to a desktop software. Hopefully you too can appreciate the convenience of what we provide – don’t forget to check out the online web demo for a closer view.


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